Bound for Chiapas

I am making a way…” – Isaiah 43:19

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu


Picture by Scott & Emily

From our home in Ravenswood, WV to Chiapas, Mexico the trip is not a thousand miles, but rather 2,510 miles! That’s quite a journey! And Denise and I continue to walk step by step in faith certain that God is leading and making a way for us (Isaiah 43:16-19). What a joy it is to know that as we step out in faith, God’s people are joining us with their encouragement, prayers, and giving.


On August 27th, we gave a significant step in our journey to Chiapas. Our Mission Partnership Team (MPT) was officially launched! Mrs. Ruthie Stevenson, Mission Partnership Coordinator, and Lisa Simmons, Special Assistant for Mission Partnership, spent the day training and giving important insights to our team as they also, in faith, walk alongside us. Together with our MPT and each one of you, we are a family in mission to love and serve the people of Chiapas!


We continue to share the story of our call to Chiapas with churches and individuals all over the mountain state. We are jokingly sharing that with our friends and colleagues Keith and Debbie Myers, we are taking over southern Mexico! In the coming weeks and months, we will be visiting other regions, which have graciously and generously opened their doors so that we can invite God’s people in those areas to join us as we respond to God’s call!


Recently, after the service at church in which we shared our story, a woman approached me in tears. She said, “This is only my second time visiting this church, and I have felt so welcomed.” She then shared with me some challenges she was experiencing in her life, particularly with a violent adult son. She also told me, “I am on a very tight budget and don’t have a lot. In fact, at the moment all I have with me is $5 dollars. But as you and your wife spoke, I felt that God spoke to me and told me, ‘Give them the $5 dollars you have.’” So still with tears in her eyes, she handed me the five-dollar bill.


I was deeply moved both by her obedience to God’s voice and by her generosity – giving away all she had. She told me, “May God bless you and your family as you seek to do God’s will.” I offered to pray for her, which she willingly accepted.


We thank you for your encouragement, prayers and financial gifts.


Together, with God on our side, the body of Christ can do great things!

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