Financial Support

Denise and Juan are actively building their support network. Over the next eight months, they hope to have 100% of their funding. This funding includes start-up costs: a car for their ministry in Chiapas, furniture and housing, training for their ministry, and other start up expenses. They also have to raise money to cover their salary, health insurance, retirement, and travel expenses. You can be a part of their support network.

Prayer Support

This is a major transition for their family. They need prayer partners to undergird their ministry and their family as they prepare to transition from West Virginia to Chiapas, Mexico. Pray for their mothers who are not in good health.Developing their Mission Partnership Team

As they prepare to leave, they will also be preparing their Mission Partnership Team (MPT) to help support them. Pray that they find the right team members who will support them as they go.

Pray also for the people and churches of Chiapas, Mexico as they prepare to receive new Juan and Denise.